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Sword of Fate is Now Available in eBook and Print

at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and Other Fine Booksellers!

“Rugal looked around frantically. A bear? Was a bear attacking the village? They all needed to run to safety! He looked down at his furry body and clawed paws and realized his classmate was talking about him…”

When feeling overwhelmed, Rugal has a bad habit of running away. He learns he possesses dynamis, a magical power enabling him to change form from human to animal. Finding out his true parentage, he begins a dangerous and uncertain journey. The fate of his future and the kingdom are at stake.

Will Rugal have the courage to fulfill his destiny or will the kingdom remain crushed under the evil tyrant’s reign?

Join Rugal on a magical and action-filled journey in this exciting fantasy adventure that is fun for the whole family!

Fans of the Ranger’s Apprentice series and Path of the Ranger series will enjoy Sword of Fate and future Dynamis Novels, as well as anyone who likes dragons and other magical creatures.

Sword of Fate is first in a series. The Dynamis Novels are high fantasy “clean” fiction containing elements including action & adventure, coming of age, fantasy & magic, and hints of romance.

The Dynamis Novels audience includes middle-grade, teen, young adult, and adult readers.

“I thoroughly enjoyed Sword of Fate. The plot spins along with intriguing characters, dynamic plot surprises, and who doesn’t love a young magical shape-shifting hero!? Nancy Golden is an exciting new voice in fantasy.”

—Kathleen Baldwin, Wall Street Journal bestselling author

2022 North Texas Book Festival 2nd Place Adult Fiction Category

Alien Neighbors is Now Available in eBook and Print

at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and Other Fine Booksellers!

“In this promising debut, Nancy Golden weaves together a dynamic plot brimming with science and bubbling with humanity.”

–Kathleen Baldwin, best selling author of the Stranje House novels.

Alien Neighbors Book Trailer

“Alien Neighbors excites the scientifically-minded while touching our hearts with its warmth.”

–Amber Helt, Rooted in Writing

Alien Neighbors Launch Buzz

childhoodWelcome to my web page! My name is Nancy Golden and here you can learn about my writing projects, get caught up on my current endeavors, and listen to me ramble about this journey called life. The picture is of the porch from my childhood. I spent hours climbing those wooden beams which also enabled me to easily scramble onto the roof and observe the comings and goings of our neighborhood. Looking through the various rectangular parts was like looking at life from different perspectives. I would sit in the middle of the big square, dangling my skinny legs while reading a book, and dreaming of adventures.

I took these pictures a few years ago, right before the home I grew up in was sold. It reminds me to never stop dreaming. Many of those adventures I dreamed about have come true beyond my wildest imaginings and for that, I am grateful. I may not be that little girl climbing the wooden beams on the front porch anymore, but I still won’t stop dreaming and I can’t wait to see what else God has in store.

porch_square2I’m glad you’re here and I hope this site blesses you in some small way – maybe something brings a smile to your face, causes you to laugh out loud, makes you feel intrigued and eager to know more, or perhaps you find yourself nodding your head in understanding because something you read here touched your soul…that is my desire for you as you wander through the pages of my site. So take a seat in the big square, and let’s spend a few minutes dreaming together…

These past few years have been very difficult for all of us, but I am confident we will all get through these challenging times as long as we keep encouraging each other and loving one another. I am very excited about what lies ahead in 2023 and sharing it with you – May you experience peace and much joy in the New Year!