Getting Started…

writerWriting is a privilege and a responsibility. It is a privilege in that writing allows us to express ourselves, to reach others with the thoughts and ideas that are important to us, with the hope that it touches those who read our words in a positive way. It is a responsibility because the power of words are far reaching, and once written down and put before the public, they are irretrievable, even if we hit delete later…

Words are a wonderful gift God has given us, enabling us to share our humanity. They are the building blocks for stories that explore the spectrum of human emotion and our search for significance. It’s all about the stories we share…told and retold with fresh viewpoints for each generation while treasuring the old. Stories are precious gifts that are reinvented in captivating ways to celebrate what it means to be human: exploring every aspect of life in ways that are meaningful to the reader.  I am grateful that I get to be a part of that.

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