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My Love Story with a Keithley Source Measurement Unit
Blog 12/20/2015
Test and measurement equipment should be versatile for several reasons, which is why this particular SMU has been a go-to workhorse for years.

New Signal Generators Are Packing a Wallop of Functionality, Modularity
Signal generators come in many shapes and sizes, but today’s generation of test and measurement equipment are consolidating all of that, with modularity and configurability to boot.

How to Set a Realistic Delivery Date For Your Project
It will not help you or your company by giving unrealistic project delivery dates, but consistently delivering on time will give you a reputation of integrity and company value.

6 Tips for Raising a Kid to Love STEM
STEM Connection 
Schools can’t be solely responsible if we want our children to be successful in STEM. It has to be a lifestyle.

The Conundrum of Published Specs Versus Real-World Performance
Guest Blogs 
What should be the perception of a product’s real-world performance with regard to the published spec sheet? While it is easy to assume that the product will operate according to spec, what variables should be considered, and is that a designer obligation or a customer responsibility? Or both?

Camcorder Needs a Good Smack
Made by Monkeys 
The Sony representative was surprised by problems with its camcorder. Online, customers were screaming that it needed a good smack.