Alien Neighbors: Science Fiction

Cover Reveal

Book Launch Date: November 30, 2021

Kindle available for Preorder at AMAZON

Paperback and Hardcover available for purchase on November 30.

Lanjo#4Nuclear scientist Tom, his brave, spunky 12-year-old daughter Stephanie, and kick-ass NASA mission commander Theresa join forces during a First Contact. Tom finds himself risking his career, custody of his daughter, and possibly his life, to save his new alien friend while attempting to prevent the annihilation of Earth.

Star Trek collides with Armageddon in this human-alien friendship where an introverted human nerd and an alien college professor with an irrepressible sense of humor form an unlikely alliance in an effort to save both their worlds and, ultimately, each other.

Stealing a spaceship and kidnapping an alien are not out of the question…

ALIEN NEIGHBORS is a science fiction novel set in the near future. A high stakes, exciting adventure injected with humorous moments and a hint of romance, ALIEN NEIGHBORS also explores topics including nuclear fusion and clean energy. Broader themes of friendship, looking beyond appearances, and second chances are interwoven throughout the story.

“In this promising debut, Nancy Golden weaves together a dynamic plot brimming with science and bubbling with humanity.”
–Kathleen Baldwin, best selling author of the Stranje House novels.

Alien Neighbors excites the scientifically-minded while touching our hearts with its warmth.”
–Amber Helt, Rooted in Writing

I had a lot of fun envisioning Lanjo, the alien that befriends my main character, Tom Whitaker. A graphic artist did this rendition after I described to him what Lanjo looks like. The expression on his face (a grimace) is the alien equivalent of a smile. If you look closely, you’ll see the extra digit on each hand and the friendship bracelet he receives from Tom’s daughter as part of the story 🙂


Alien Neighbors Book Trailer