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The Second Greatest Commandment Meets the Great Commission: How to Love Your Neighbors to Christ 

ISBN: 978-0-578-11972-4

Copyright 2013 HIS Publishing Group


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The Current Status of My Writing Projects:


Sword of Fate: Completed 45,000 word MG fantasy novel, seeking representation



Young Rugal, unaware of his true identity until his extraordinary powers reveal his crucial role in the uprising being orchestrated against evil king Oldag, must overcome his fears and battle Oldag to restore the kingdom.


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Alien Neighbors: Completed 94,400 word Science Fiction novel, seeking representation

The search for energy leads NASA to travel back to the moon. Mission team members unexpectedly experience a “first contact” with an alien race similar to humans. The aliens’ planet is in danger due to an impending supernova, and they seek the U.S. government’s help in a massive relocation effort to another planet, in exchange for technology that will solve earth’s energy problems and also provide interstellar travel capability. Different factions on both planets have competing agendas and not everyone is in favor of the joint effort that the United States and alien government are moving forward. The ultimate survival of the aliens and the legacy of an earth able to sustain its population’s energy needs are at stake.

astronaut aliens

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