My Books (Fiction)

Alien Neighbors: 97,000 word Science Fiction novel. My manuscript is completed, but not quite submission ready. I am working on final revisions and plan on starting to seek representation very soon (<6 months).

Lanjo#4The search for energy leads NASA back to the Moon, where mission team members unexpectedly experience “first contact” with a humanoid alien race from the Cygnus constellation 500 light years away. The aliens’ planet is in danger due to an impending supernova. They seek the U.S. government’s help for a massive relocation effort to another planet, in exchange for the fusion technology needed to solve Earth’s energy crisis. This technology utilizes helium 3 mined from the Moon, which would also provide humanity with interstellar travel. Tom Whitaker is a human scientist who dreams of accomplishing nuclear fusion, while still trying to find time for his spunky, strong-willed daughter. At the behest of the U.S. government, he teams up with Lanjo, a Cygnan research professor who possesses limited telekinetic abilities, a fascination with English idioms, and an irrepressible sense of humor. Together, they lead a science team consisting of members from both races.

A Cygnan businessman on the alien planet, communicating through a wormhole, seeks a partnership with an American entrepreneur to pursue the Moon’s resources independent of the government effort. Losing patience, the Cygnan goes rogue and announces his intention to eliminate ALL of the competition with a planet-destroying device. In response, Tom puts everything on the line by stealing a spaceship and heads to the Cygnan home planet through the wormhole, in a desperate attempt to save his alien best friend’s life and avert the annihilation of Earth.

Sword of Fate: Completed first draft 45,000 word fantasy novel, currently in next round of revision…


Young Rugal, unaware of his true identity until his newfound powers reveal his crucial role in the uprising being orchestrated against the evil usurper King Oldag, must overcome his fears and ultimately battle Oldag, if the kingdom of Elayas is to have any hope of being restored.




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